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Applications include microgravity, GPR, gravity survey, microgravity survey, MASW, Seismic refraction, marine refraction, rippability survey,seismic survey, seismic reflection survey, seismic surface waves, Sinkhole survey, Karst consulting, Pre-dredging survey, Canal seepage, Dam geophysics, Contaminant mapping, Utility mapping.  Florida Geophysical, Miami Geophysics.

Our Focus

Spotlight Geophysical Services provides innovative geophysical solutions to geotechnical and environmental problems.   Geophysical methods image the subsurface without excavating or intruding into the ground.   Geophysics is an essential part of many types of projects that require site-wide coverage, while cost-effectively guiding borehole locations, sample points, construction, and remediation efforts. We offer a broad range of geophysical measurements to aid in the subsurface characterization of geologic conditions and potential hazards. Applications include karst (sinkhole) investigations, contaminant mapping, landfill studies, land development, abandoned mine investigations, and much more.

Your Source for Geophysical Expertise

Our experienced staff works with you throughout all phases of the project to ensure that the results of the investigation are understandable and meet the project objectives. Spotlight is a Florida geophysical firm that provides rapid response to sites throughout the southeastern United States and Latin America.   Contact us today to discuss how geophysics can benefit your project.

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